Scoping Workshop

April 2-3, 2009
SAS Campus
Cary, NC

The North Carolina Sea Level Rise Risk Management Study Scoping Workshop was convened by the NCEM - Geospatial and Technology Management Office on April 2nd and 3rd, 2009 at the SAS Campus (Building V) in Cary, North Carolina. The workshop was attended by approximately 100 Federal, State, and local government officials, non-governmental organizations, and academia that are critical to policy-setting and adaptation for sea level rise and related climate change impacts.

Workshop Objectives
1.Present draft Study Plan and solicit input
2.Obtain input on the study scope and approach
3.Gather input on relevant datasets, studies, and analytical methodologies and models
4.Identify gaps in data, knowledge, and tools and identify potential mechanisms to fill those gaps
5.Identify experts and practitioners to participate in the study
6.Determine the questions that need to be answered by the study

Workshop Report
This report documents the proceedings of the NC SLR RMS Scoping Workshop,

Workshop Presentation
This document provides an overview of the Scoping Workshop.

Workshop Documents
This page contains documents provided to workshop participants prior to the workshop.

Documents Provided by Participants
This page contains documents provided by participants after the workshop.

Scoping Workshop Agenda

The SLR RMS is being lead by North Carolina’s Office of Geospatial and Technology Management, within the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety’s Division of Emergency Management